Singapore’s Changi Airport: what ambition can achieve

Singapore’s Changi Airport has been rated world’s best airport for seven consecutive years, and its newest expansion is another example of what ambition can achieve. In April 2019, Changi opened up Jewel, a lifestyle hub for the airport. A massive doughnut-shaped building, located between the control tower and Terminal 1. It took more than four years and $1.25 billion to build: a glass-and-steel dome that incorporates a luxury mall and an indoor rainforest, including the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

For the 65.6 million travelers passing through Changi each year, Jewel alone is worth considering a longer layover. But you don’t need an airplane ticket (or to go through airport security) to visit Jewel. Changi designed it this way to encourage Singapore residents to wander the forest trails as well. Demonstrating how an airport can be so much more than just a place where planes arrive and depart.

[source: Business Insider, video: Katya Kupelian & Abby Narishkin]

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