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Distinct Policy

Chipshol’s policies are distinct from those of other real estate development and investment companies, because:
  • the company’s activities are concentrated purely around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol;
  • the company has obtained extensive strategic landholdings and is the number 1 private landowner in de airport region;
  • the company develops large-scale, high-quality business parks;
  • the company retains ownership of 25-50% of the buildings completed.
Chipshol’s policy is to collaborate with government, relevant public and private organizations, the airport and local residents to enhance the attraction of the area through: excellent access and public transport facilities;
  • attractive landscaping with generous planting schemes and water features;
  • sufficient and safe parking facilities under the buildings;
  • flexible, multifunctional buildings with attractive and distinctive architecture;
  • social amenities, including hotels, restaurants, shops and recreational facilities;
  • active park management.