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Airport City

The most important and ambitious plan Chipshol is preparing is a center of international status with a gross floor area of approximately 2 million m2, located between the airport and the city of Amsterdam. This development is known as Airport City.

Airport City will be a high quality, integrated urban development with hotels, convention centers, offices for multinational companies, shopping centers and recreational and cultural amenities. Experience in other countries has demonstrated the need for centers with international status, close to large, rapidly growing, international airports.

A center of this kind between Schiphol and Amsterdam must offer major opportunity to improve Amsterdam’s position as a center for congresses. More important Schiphol’s position as a major European mainport will be strongly improved. The area between the A4, A5 and A9 motorways is an ideal location for the center. Enough land is available to realize the development with a gross floor area of some 2 million m2. Initial studies suggest that a people mover system (possibly based on a similar concept as the PRT 2000 system, that Chipshol first conceptualised in the 1990s – see video) is required for internal traffic in the city and as a connection with the airport, railway networks and the high-speed rail links.

Chipshol regards close public-private partnership as essential for the realization of this large-scale development. A strong foreign partner with specific experience in large-scale property development should also be involved. If you are interested in this major future development, please contact us by phone +31 20 653 55 99 or e-mail at