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Parkstad Leusden

Parkstad Leusden is the first real residential park in the Netherlands. The project comprises 500 drive-in homes around squares. More than two third of the park consists of greenery and water. Therein lies a private pool comprising 3 baths, respectively. for experienced swimmers, beginners and toddlers completed with a spacious lawn.

The park also has its own private tennis court and a Robinson Crusoe island. All these features are included with the park, and owned and managed by the residents.

As founder and director of Eurowoningen, Drs. J. Poot (1924-2018) founded this remarkable residential park in the second half of the sixties of the last century. At that time, the ministry of space planning designated the park as an example to foreign urban planners. In 2005, the park was awarded the Jantje Beton Prize as most child-friendly neighborhood in the Netherlands.

After 45 years, the project was still a success as evidenced by the celebration of 45 years Eurowoningen that began at the pool with a nice tea and coffee table for the residents of the first hour. Here they could talk informally with the creator of the Euro House plan, Mr. Jan Poot, 91 at the time. Read the full article here.

The community of Parkstad Leusden has its own website: